ALBERT'S: Premium water for your restaurant – bottled locally.


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Albert´s is a German Design water concept for the hospitality industry to serve locally produced mains water. Albert´s combines the simplicity of tap water and its nearly unlimited resource with the healthy taste and elegance of bottled water in one stylish concept, tailormade for hotels, restaurants and caterers and available both still and sparkling.

The Albert´s bottles, heavy and classic in handling and design, are easy to fill and clean. Furthermore you benefit from no longer ordering, handling, storing or cooling of full bottles in your warehouse or the fridge. And no full bottles means also there will be no empty bottles, thus massively reducing your waste production. In addition there´s no transportation from the spring or the wholesaler´s warehouse to you, resulting in a lower carbon footprint of your whole operation.

ALBERT’S is good for your guests. And your profits.

With no upfront investment but a fixed monthly fee, Albert´s is cash-flow positive from day one. Our profitability calculation lets you predict if you will – apart from all the logistical benefits – also increase your overall profit margin.

We provide this calculation prior to your commitment free of charge for you. Just contact us here.

Start serving unlimited filtered chilled tasty water, still or sparkling, in a bottle your guests will appreciate. We include the service, sanitization and the regular filter change in our complete package. Increase your profit, minimize PET bottle waste, offer staff water an zero cost and improve the carbon footprint. Included in the package is a brand that will be embraced by your staff and your guests. The Albert´s components produce first class drinking water with state-of-the-art technology, bottled and served on site. Tapping is extremely fast and takes about 7-9 seconds only. The Albert´s bottle comes in two sizes and is unique in design and appreciated not only for its looks, but she fits into most of the bottle racks for commercial dishwashers as well.

Albert Schweitzer

Through his lifetime achievements, Albert Schweitzer, exceptional scientist, doctor and Nobel Peace Prize winner is an inspiration for the everlasting effort to grant mankind the access to clean drinking water. Our products pay tribute to one of the noblest figures of the 20th century.

The ALBERT'S package


Draft tower with two taps (still & sparkling)
Albert´s bottles in two sizes with elegant stoppers
Dishrack (50/50cm) for commercial dishwashers
Cooling unit (cap. up to 220l/h), 4-6°C
Variety of filters for good taste and removal of dirt, chlorine or bacterias


Regular on-site service visit with sanitization and filter change (included)

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